Scrapyard Dream


Alan was an accomplished musician who was working as a barista in Starbucks to cover living costs. 


I am stood in a car scrapyard surrounded by 'grey' coloured car wrecks all stacked up on one another. in front of me is a 'red' car that is not quite a wreck but is a bit battered. One of the wheel arches is collapsed, the right headlight is broken and the right bit of the body work is dented. 

I then hear a voice say "You have to fix this" 

I then look around and say - "what - all of them?!"


The dream suggests that you may feel a bit out to one side in life, but even though you feel like that - the dream shows you your 'life calling' - it just need some insight about where you are going, the freedom to go there and some 'TLC' because you have had some bumps from relationships in life. 

It suggests that you may feel overwhelmed - but this is a really encouraging dream 

It encourages you that you can do it.