Wading through water


I dreamt that I was wading chest deep through dark water. It was really heavy on my legs I could hardly walk. Then I fell over and I cried

Suddenly a hand came and picked me up and put me where it was shallow. The water refreshing and comforting on my feet because it was warm. It was also a nice clear blue


It looks to me like you have been having a difficult time and finding life quite hard. The first part of the dream is a self conditioned dream, which showing the state of your soul and how it is in some distress. 

But the second part of the dream is beautiful, because at your point of deepest need your were sent help and repositioned into a place where you got that comfort and ease that you need.

Depending on your worldview you may want to go with that, and ask for help from above for the comfort and help that you need.