A group of people on a retreat together to rest and refocus. I could see the detail of the forest we were walking in. I find myself alone, stuck in some mud up to my neck. I come across the rest of the group again, the leader of the group told us to lie down, it seemed we were in danger because of the high winds. We were right next to a road when we lay down. A lorry is pushed by the wind and swerves, it's wheels going over someone's legs, they are killed by this.

We are in a bunker, everyone is crying over the death. I go around and try and comfort each one of the group, who I know well.


The retreat is to rest and refocus and take yourself away from any situations you might be in. You are being shown the situation you are in, even the details of it. It seems that you are isolated in the situation and stuck. You are in danger, but the leader says lie down to protect you from the wind and you depend on him. The lorry represents an organisation, it is not the lorry's fault, but the wind that makes it swerve and actually causes death. Wind represents false wisdom causing very serious effects.

You clearly care, and this dream really shows your heart of comfort and love for the people around you and their grief.