Car Crash Dream


The dreamer was a father of 4 who was busy making some decisions and pushing ahead with a plan – which his wife and children felt unsettled about.


I was driving with my wife and family on a motorway in the left hand slow lane. I wanted to go faster, so I moved into the fast lane and overtook the other cars.As I moved into the fast lane a lorry suddenly came towards us and crashed into our car – it was a horrendous crash.


This is a warning dream to bring caution to the family on something that the father (the driver in the dream) is pushing ahead with.
He needs to slow down and not speed ahead because the decision which he is making will have a big negative effect on the family.

In real life, the father refused to listen to the warning, pushed ahead with the decision which the family were making and the wife ended up in hospital  with a suspected heart attack, as a result of the extra stress that came into the family's life.
At this point they reversed the decision and peace and calm returned to the family. Everyone was fine.