I'll fix it dream


I woke up from this dream crying and I never dream.


I dreamt I had gone back to Sweden to work again ( I used to work there).
I had left my husband in France, where we live.
Apparently I had filed for divorce but I didn't want it and was so sad.
I phoned my ex boyfriend ( who I had finished with after 6 years) but his real new wife answered the phone and said I wasn't to call him or have anything to do with him.
So I rang his mother and she said 'I'll fix it'.


This dream speaks of feelings of guilt and fear of loss. Your feelings are coming out in the dream story.

The dream story suggests 2 possible sources for the fear of loss, around work stress or the stress that the work is putting on your relationship.

You may want to think about thatand take a moment to feel safe because there is a real reassurance in the dream, because of your Christian world view, because the Holy Spirit ( frequesntly symbolised as an older, caring wise woman) is offering you help, reassurance and comfort.