More about Music

Our musicians create a great atmosphere in the cafe. Costa staff tell us they love to work this shift because of the music.
Research also shows that 30 mins of the right music opens up the blood vessels, improving long term cardio health, as well as bringing mental and physical relaxation.

'Soul music' radio programme tells stories about the powerful healing effect of music.
Andrew Shulman, a New York guitarist, was in a coma and his wife had been told to call the family as he was dying. His vital signs were petering out.

She saw his iPod in her bag and put it in his ears. Within 20 seconds, this powerful music had affected his vital signs and he began an immediate recovery. The doctors call him the miracle man.
Andrew now goes into intensive care 3 times a week to play to patients.
Vital sign monitors show improvement within as little as 10 seconds.