O U R  C H A R I T I E S

We partner with Costa Coffee to put on the Feel Good Café. Raising money for their foundation is a way we can give something back and support the work that they do in providing for the children and poor of the coffee growing communities.

Their mission is to “improve the life chances of boys and girls in coffee growing communities by providing the opportunity of a safe, quality education” with the aim of eradicating poverty in those communities.


The Costa Foundation provides support to coffee-growing communities by:

     Building & furnishing new schools or extending existing ones

     Investing in water supplies

     Providing electricity & computers

     Developing land for families to grow crops

     Building teacher accommodation

     Building latrines

     Maximising leverage opportunities for the communities



Bath Cafe 

Our local hospice cares for those at the end of their journeys.

"They provide exceptional nursing care for patients. When my father was dying, Dorothy House helped our family. Somehow they made that end of life journey seems so much more normal and manageable, both practically and emotionally." 

- Liz Evans, Feel Good Events Director & Community member

Bristol Cafe 

St Peters Hospice

St Peter's Hospice cares for the people of Bristol, and has an outstanding local reputation. Your donations enable them touch hundreds of families in need.